Steve Gajadhar

Misses Canadian Beer

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I live and work on the Big Island of Hawaii. Mostly live. I'm not picking my nose in this photo.

I've been writing since 2002. It's a Sisyphean task for me: learn one thing, then start all over at the bottom with another. So far I can mangle loose ideas into a storyish shape with some pretty words dabbed on for decoration. I await my epiphany. It better be a good one.

I've been writing about people and emotions. It took me three years to get over my need to write about grand philosophical ideas, or the intersection of physics and consciousness. Here's some advice for guys like me: "So that brings us to the next question - why are you trying to deal with science and philosophy when you do emotions so well? I don't know. I think partly it's a guy thing. Emotions aren't really valued in this culture - they are feminized and dismissed. It takes a courageous man to go there. If you stick with science and philosophy you have a chance of being considered clever by your male peers. Clever, my dear, is highly over-rated. Emotions and poetry are where the art is at. And I don't mean writing poetry, but thinking like a poet - and staying with the emotions - that's what really makes us human and that's what really captures the imagination." You can thank Renate Mohr for that. As you can tell she’s a way better writer than I am.

A bit more about me: Born and raised in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. I'm 31. Ugh. I’d say I still feel 20, but it’s not true. Shit hurts now. My back, my knee, my shoulder after a round of golf by the ocean. I like naps, which strike anywhere, anytime. I love reading. Play a decent power forward/center on the bball court, and I shoot a decent round of golf.

The CWC is going to be HUGE. You heard it here first.